Anniversary-2 Years In Business Box

Anniversary-2 Years In Business Box

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We reached 2 years! Such an exciting time.  We started out featuring 7 businesses, we now have promoted over 150!  Our work however is not possible with our supporters.
Our Collective is full of amazing people!

I decided to curate this box with things that represent me.  
I enjoy burning candles, growing plants, playing cards, infusing drinks
and making breakfast.  
This box also includes our exclusive 2-Year limited Anniversary Pin.
The edible item will be Rum Cake by Girl & Spoon who is our featured baker for the month of May. 

The businesses we are featuring in this box are :

Black Girl Candle Company
Vickys Cakes
Tay's Secret Garden
Grant Street
Chocolate Chick Tees
Girl & Spoon

Always a surprise...