Free Me In 2023 Box

Free Me In 2023 Box

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This curated box is simply about giving ourselves Grace!

Freeing ourselves from the expectations of the world!

Free Me in 2023 includes:

  • A  notebook & pen to spend time journaling and writing down thoughts, plans and ideas.
  • A candle to burn when you need to relax, mediate or just be still.
  • Body butter for self-care to keep your skin smooth & hydrated.
  • Always a surprise.


 Starting out a New Year can always be challenging, we find ways to be too tough on ourselves for the past year, set intentions and goals for the current one.
We reflect, rejuvenate and rejoice in new opportunities.

A good person once advised that instead of setting New Years resolutions , we  should pick three words and focus  on  them for the year.

What are your three words?

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