July-Melanated Mornings

July-Melanated Mornings

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It doesn't happen often, however, I do love waking up before the rest of the people in our home.  Whether it is for a cup of tea, quick 8oz water shot or reheating my coffee from yesterday.  The quiet, peaceful minutes before the day consumes too much of me are always welcoming.
Melanated Mornings was inspired by the need to take moments for yourself.
To sit down and enjoy hydrating.  Making sure your cup is full and runneth over.

This box includes:

Limited Edition: Melanated Mornings mug by Nia DuBose
Raspberry Green Tea from Brooklyn Tea
White Chocolate Brittle by Woke Living
Africionado Premium Steeped Coffee Bag from Coffee By Kee
Raw Honey stirrer by Calabash Tea
And always some lovely surprises

This box will ship the weekend of July16th