The MNBlackBox Story

     Our objective is to support MN Black Businesses through a monthly subscription box. Every month we will feature new products from local business owners. We believe that one way to rebuild our communities and wealth is by financially supporting each other. By purchasing the BlackBox you support cooperative economics.
     Minnesota Black Box is a collective centered in Black Economics. Supporting MN Black businesses, one box at a time. 
     Our purpose is to financially support, promote, and network with other small Black owned business owners. By doing this intentional work, we believe that we will all grow and be successful. We are rooted in building community, sharing resources and learning from each other. Our monthly box brings awareness, shifts spending patterns and provides opportunities for our guests to experience new products  


The Queen Behind the Scene 

Jessica Winnie is the founder of MNBlackBox 

A Minnesota native. She has always been an avid supporter of black businesses. As an entrepreneur herself, she wanted to create a way to work cooperatively with fellow businesses. Her vision of collective economics has been validated through this work. Jessica is a mother of six, a teacher, activist and poet. Her work can be found at Everything I Am.