What is MN Black Box? 
MN Black Box is a collective. Our work is centered in Black economics. We promote and market local black businesses through a monthly box. Each month we feature 5-7 products. 
Why should I get a box? 
The main reason you should get a box is to support local black businesses. On average the MN Black Box features 5-7 products. If you like one of the items, you have the option of supporting that business again. 
Do you ship out of state? 
Yes we do! Every box is different and so shipping varies. We will give you a shipping fee based on your zip code. 
Are your food items fresh? 
Some of our boxes feature food. All of the food items are made the evening of or day of delivery. We do suggest eating them or putting them in the fridge when you receive the item. The shelf life of food products is 2-3 days. 
How do I get featured?
Our featured products are selected monthly. Because this is a collective we are looking for businesses that also want to support, not just take, Many of our companies donate their items or offer them at a discounted, reduced rate. This helps us to be able to feature many businesses. We also do marketing/promotion for those companies during the month they are featured. Who doesn't like free marketing? You can email Jessica.winnie@msn.com. 
When will my box ship? 
Because we have perishable items, we ship/deliver after all the monthly boxes are sold out. We are diligent about communicating when boxes go out 
Return Policy? 
We do not offer returns. If you have an issues with your box contact us via email.
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